Friday, May 03, 2002

You may have noticed yesterday that my links had a new window as a target. I suddenly realized that it bugs me on the blogs I read, so why was I doing it on mine? :)

LSSI is launching a bi-monthly award, the Samuel Swett Green Award for the Best Virtual Reference Transcript. The competition is open to all reference staff using any virtual reference software that can produce an electronic transcript (so, not just for LSSI customers). The award is named for Samuel Swett Green, the founder of reference services in the States. The award is worth 500$. Find a checklist for your entry here and enter here.

Overdue is a cartoon strip made by people in the know. OK, it is situated in a public library, but we can all recognize a colleague or a patron in the characters displayed. There is an archive too.

Thursday, May 02, 2002

Yesterday, the ACS launched the free trial of their full-text Archives database for their journals. Only institutional ACS Web Edition subscribers can subscribe for the trial though. Articles included come from all titles (except the most recent) from their first year of publication. The trial ends July 1st 2002.

You now need a subscription to access Computer Reviews. The beta testing is over and you now have to pay for the and ACM's baby.

IEEE updated their article delivery service, Ask*IEEE. Members can use their existing IEEE Web Account login. Nonmembers will have to create a new personal Ask*IEEE user account.

Again at IEEE, a new member benefit will be offered in 2003 named the IEEE Member Digital Library. Subscribers will pay a monthly fee to download a pre-set number of papers from the Institute's publications.

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Tonigh on PBS, NOVA presents Why the Towers Fell , a documentary on the collapse of the World Trade Center and the following investigation by forensic engineers.

ISI announces improvements to BIOSIS Previews and Web of Science. They also are announcing Web of Knowledge, a portal to all their online ressources including a tool offering the possibility of cross-searching the content.